SvgPublish 1.3.3 released – SharePoint export related fixes

This maintenance release of SvgPublish Visio extension adds some fixes related to SharePoint export to improve the stability. Recommended if you are using export to SharePoint to make better use of features added in the previous release.


Visit the extension’s page:

What is fixed in this release

  • If you used a non-default target document library or asset library for SharePoint export (in the advanced settings), then your choice may not be persisted. The issue was introduced in version 1.3.2 when moving SharePoint export settings to the publish dialog.


  • The feature added in 1.3.2 that allows you to enable scripting was not working properly. Below you can see the related message. An error was happening if you click the "Yes" in thsi dialog (this can be the case when you just created a fresh modern site). Now it should be working properly.


  • Added another check that ensures that the target SharePoint site exists. The previous message was misleading (it was saying that you don’t have appropriate permissions).


  • Improved page naming, in case you use SharePoint web part page. Now the "Full Page" page is literally called that by default (using your selected language). If you have already overwritten this setting, then there will be no changes. Please note this works for "classic" pages only. For the "modern" pages webpart there is no titles, so this setting is irrelevant.



  • [bug] SharePoint: add check that target site exists #61
  • [bug] DLL file is missing in setup #60
  • [enhancement] SharePoint page names "Full Page" webpart setting improved #59
  • [bug][customer] SharePoint page library and assets library selection not save in 1.3.2 #58

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