Visio Super Utilities are now on Unmanaged Visio

The great Paul Herber’s Visio Super Utilities, will live and be maintained by me. Paul decided to entrust me the maintenance and further development of the product. The first Unmanaged Visio build is version 3.8. Read more on VisGuy site.

Will try to do my best to maintain and improve the Super Utilities in the future.

New Super Utilities Website

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SvgPublish 1.5 release notes – subscription support

SvgPublish Visio Add-In version 1.5 now supports subscriptions. This introduces a flexible payment option allowing users to access the add-in on a monthly basis – may be perfect for short-term projects. Only pay for the time you use it.

Note: The license keys for version 1.5 will follow a new, lengthier format.


The previous (standard) plan remains unchanged, but now there’s an option to auto-renew support annually upon purchasing the Add-In. If you prefer not to have this feature, you can easily disable it during the purchase process. Regardless, the last version you get with the standard plan will always be yours to keep.

For guidance on managing your products and subscriptions, we’ve added an informative page detailing the use of our e-commerce partner, PayPro Global’s portal:

Manage Your Purchases and Subscriptions with PayPro Global

The Add-In’s product page:

Go to the Add-In’s Product Page

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Web version of the Visio PdfTip Add-In

I’m excited to present the Visio PdfTip web app. This web app offers a practical solution for adding tooltips to your PDF files exported from Visio.

To use it, simply upload both your PDF and the original Visio file to the site. The tool will then take ‘Comments’ from your Visio file shapes and insert them into your PDF as tooltips, enhancing its functionality and ease of use.

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Diagram Frame SharePoint Web Part 1.2: New Navigation and German Localization Features

I am excited to announce some new improvements to the Diagram Frame SharePoint web part. In this post, I’ll discuss the new features, including navigation, crumb trail, and German localization, and guest user support (CDN hosting)

The Microsoft Store download link:

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Presenting Diagram Frame on Microsoft Community Call

Will be showing my SPFx Visio Diagram Frame web part on Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework community call this Thursday 26.01.2023 16:00 CET, ten minutes. Hope to be too boring. The community calls are open for anyone, join using the link below.

Meeting link for the SPFx community call:

The session will be recorded, and there will be a QnA section "ask me anything" for each sample (will share the link later)


All Community Calls:

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Telegram channel

With Telegram platform becoming increasingly popular, a new telegram channel is now available for this site. I like the telegram format and will post the updates there there more often than the website (expect a post per week or something like this). The channel has also chat for comments/discussions/questions (direct communication). Notice the new icon in the header as well 🙂