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SvgPublish Addin 1.6 released

Please download the latest version from the Add-In page:


  • new Allow Explicit Property Selection for Display and for Search
  • new Previous and Next Highlighting
  • improvement Install for Current User Only by Default
  • improvement Shortcut in the Start Menu
  • bugfix Fixed script/template editing (autocmoplete)
  • bugfix Files with double-extensions now should be handled properly again

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Christmas markets in Vienna 2023

Revised the schematic for Vienna’s Christmas Markets, check it out here:

Enhancements include a switch to a dark theme using updated CSS styles, and significant updates to the Excel file for the 2023 season. New rows have been added to the Excel sheet, providing current year data, along with color-coded markers indicating whether entrance is free or paid, and details about the size of each market.

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New Visio WebTool – Split Pages

The family of the Visio WebTools just got a new member – the Split Pages tool.

This tool allows you to split a multi-page Visio document into a set of one-page documents. Directly in your browser, using WebAssembly (i.e. without uploading your file anywhere). The tool takes care of keeping the background for the pages where it is used, and includes only used images or media files to the corresponding page files.

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Super Utilities 3.10: Sorting Org Charts by Dates

Sorting by date strings

If you are building a Visio Org Chart using data imported from an Excel file, the sorting capability in Super Utilities has been improved. You can now sort by various date strings, such as birth dates, employment start dates, or any other date information you might have, in your language. Before, it was simply sorting alphabetically, which may not always be applicable to dates.


Date Sorting Feature

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Sort Visio OrgChart with Super Utilities

The Super Utilities for Visio now support sorting OrgCharts by property (new in version 3.9)



  • Supports sorting by property of choice.
  • Can sort by multiple properties (example: first sort by "department," then by "name").
  • By default, sorts immediate dependencies (shapes directly connected to the selected one), but can also sort recursively.

Check out this video explaining how this feature works:

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SvgPublish 1.5 release notes – subscription support

SvgPublish Visio Add-In version 1.5 now supports subscriptions. This introduces a flexible payment option allowing users to access the add-in on a monthly basis – may be perfect for short-term projects. Only pay for the time you use it.

Note: The license keys for version 1.5 will follow a new, lengthier format.


The previous (standard) plan remains unchanged, but now there’s an option to auto-renew support annually upon purchasing the Add-In. If you prefer not to have this feature, you can easily disable it during the purchase process. Regardless, the last version you get with the standard plan will always be yours to keep.

For guidance on managing your products and subscriptions, we’ve added an informative page detailing the use of our e-commerce partner, PayPro Global’s portal:

Manage Your Purchases and Subscriptions with PayPro Global

The Add-In’s product page:

Go to the Add-In’s Product Page

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