Super Utilities 3.10: Sorting Org Charts by Dates

Sorting by date strings

If you are building a Visio Org Chart using data imported from an Excel file, the sorting capability in Super Utilities has been improved. You can now sort by various date strings, such as birth dates, employment start dates, or any other date information you might have, in your language. Before, it was simply sorting alphabetically, which may not always be applicable to dates.


Date Sorting Feature

More Sorting Options and Other Updates

This is also applicable to numbers. This may be particularly useful if your data uses different decimal separators like commas instead of dots.

For details, please check #7.

Number Sorting Feature

Additional Minor Improvements in 3.10

  • The document comparison tool has been enhanced. It now identifies and lists all pages that have been added or deleted in the document, instead of stopping after finding the first one. Further information is available in issue #8.
  • First 10 free uses of the utility are now uninterrupted.
  • The ‘Purchase’ link fixed in the about dialog.

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