Web version of the Visio PdfTip Add-In

I’m excited to present the Visio PdfTip web app. This web app offers a practical solution for adding tooltips to your PDF files exported from Visio.

To use it, simply upload both your PDF and the original Visio file to the site. The tool will then take ‘Comments’ from your Visio file shapes and insert them into your PDF as tooltips, enhancing its functionality and ease of use.

The add-in uses an Azure Function (API) to parse the VSDX and PDF files, and convert Visio commends to PDF notes. All file transfers are secure, and the app does not store any information on our servers.

For those who would rather not upload their files online, Visio PdfTip also offers a Visio Add-In available for purchase on the website. This provides an extra layer of security by allowing you to add tooltips directly to your PDFs without needing to upload any files.

The source code for the web app is open on github. It a bit simplified version of the Add-In, to allow processing without Visio installed (only top-level shapes are processed). Feel free to fire any feedback or issues:


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