SvgPublish Extension 1.3.1 released

Download the latest version:

The extension’s page

What is new in this release

  • [bugfix] cursor "pointer" for no reason on the shapes #47
  • [enhancement] Feature to automatically pick up URLs in properties #45
  • [enhancement] css classes are not set for background shapes #40
  • [enhancement] simple bounding-box selection and hover as option instead of "heavy" svg filters #17
  • [enhancement] simple checkboxes option instead of toggles #49

New settings


  • Enable mouse "hover" – enable glow when hovering a shape. Now you can disable the hover effect if you don’t need it. Can improve performance on "slow" mobile devices (mouse hover is enabled by default)
  • Use simple "box" selection. Don’t select shapes by "shape" but rather use a simple "bounding box". The same, performance optimization – can help with poor performance on slow mobile devices. (simple box selection is disabled by default). See below the example.
  • Process background shapes. Enables applying ids and CSS styles to background pages as well when exporting (off by default). Until now, the exporter was ignoring the background shapes; now there is option to include them also in processing.

Automatically pick up URLs in properties

The text in the built-in properties is now auto-converted to a hyperlink (if start is a hyperlink pattern, e.g. is like

Allow processing of background shapes

Before this release, when you exported a diagram, background shapes (shapes on background pages) were not post-processed, but exported as-is (as a "picture" basically). This release adds (optional) support for post-processing of the background shapes as well, via checkbox. By default is it turned off, but can be enabled with a checkbox in the settings.

Simple bounding-box selection option instead of "hover" svg filter

For some diagrams (especially heavy diagrams opened on a "weak" mobile devices), svg filter (used by default) for "hover" selection does not really work well (is slow). This enhancement provides alternate selection with simple "box" for such diagrams. Attached the example shows a difference of "default" and "simple box" selection:

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