Svg Publish

The SvgPublish Visio Extension allows you to publish a Visio diagram as HTML page(s). It uses it’s own custom HTML export and extends the built-in Visio feature with unique capabilities.

Below you can see some sample of the exported diagrams. You can see them "live" (interactive) by clicking the picture. For more examples, please check out the examples page.

For the user guide and options description, please refer to the user reference.

For the developer documentation / API reference please refer to the developer reference.


  • The add-in uses pure HTML5 (SVG is a part of HTML5 standard). Means, no browser plugins like Silverlight or Visio viewer are required. This allows the exported pages to be hosted static hostings, such as GitHub page hosting for example, or simply on your hard drive or even USB stick.

  • The diagrams are easily customizable with templates (markdown). This one of the key features of the extension. You can access any piece of the shape (exported as SVG), and animate it or change any properties of that piece with javascript. Also, the shapes are available in the browser for inspection. For each element (shape) you can specify CSS class and javascript ID, so that you can easily access or customize it later from javascript. If you want to, you can add a custom javascript to the diagram directly in Visio, and your code will be running as soon as you open the published diagram.

  • Layer visibility (toggle layers on or off) is supported as an out-of-the box option.

  • The site structure allows you toeasily grab the URL for the published diagram page directly from the browser address bar, and use it to share the view. You can also specify optional view parameters such as zoom level or focus shape.

  • Local drive, GitHub Pages and SharePoint outputs are supported.

Supported devices

The published diagram is available for most modern browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome) and modern mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Means, it supports touch interface. You can pan/zoom the published diagrams with your fingers, or mouse wheel (works as well).

Downloading and installing

The ad-din can be installed both per-user (without admin rights) and per-computer (can be rolled out using directory services in the organization for example).

The supported versions of Microsoft Visio include: Visio 2007 SP3, Visio 2010/2013/2016/2019/Visio Plan 2 (all editions, including the standard edition, both x86 and x64).

The add-in requires .NET Framework 4.5 which is mostly already pre-installed with the operating system.

Special note for Visio 2007: the ad-din requires the VSTO Runtime 4 version 10.0.50325 or later (it adds SHA-256 certificate support to the stock install, so if you encounter any signature issues), please make sure the latest version of the runtime is installed if you are still using Visio 2007. For later version, no extra runtimes are required (they are pre-installed with Visio)

Out-of-the-box options

The exported HTML supports these features right out-of-the-box (can be enabled with user interface). The JavaScript to support these features is already provided (each feature can be turned on/off):

  • Shape properties (shape data)
  • Search by property
  • Shape selection/hover (with custom styles support)
  • Page navigation (including Visio page references), hyperlink single-click navigation
  • Tooltips and popups (with optional custom content)
  • Sidebar (with optional custom content)
  • Single page / All page export option
  • Optional social media (metadata) information


The add-in directly supports now 3 types of targets:

  • Plain-page HTML export
  • SharePoint page export
  • GitHub Pages export

Plain-page HTML export

You can generate static HTML files and then put them to hosting, or just open them fro your local drive or network


SharePoint page export

You can export the pages directly to your SharePoint environment, using a secure connection. The addin supports these types of SharePoint authentications: Windows Authentication, SharePoint Online (Office 365), Azure AD. You can select target site and the document libraries where to put the file(s). Note that enterprise edition is not required, it will work with any SharePoint edition. SharePoint Online is supported. Multi-factor authentication is also supported.


GitHub Pages export

You can use GitHub to host your published pages. GitHub page hosting is a free page hosting from GitHub. It’s also becomes very handy if you want to start hacking the page, adding extra functionality, such as custom JavaScript, to create e.g. a dynamic dashboard.


The add-in is free for personal (home) use. For commercial use and for use in organizations, please click the link below for the pricing information.