Sort Visio OrgChart with Super Utilities

The Super Utilities for Visio now support sorting OrgCharts by property (new in version 3.9)



  • Supports sorting by property of choice.
  • Can sort by multiple properties (example: first sort by "department," then by "name").
  • By default, sorts immediate dependencies (shapes directly connected to the selected one), but can also sort recursively.

Check out this video explaining how this feature works:

It’s robust: the tool uses only Visio’s built-in "move-left" / "move-right" commands to move employee cards. So, any card layout, including "fish-bone" and "side-by-side," will be processed correctly, as long as the OrgChart itself handles card movement well.

It’s safe: the sort operation is performed as a single action and can be undone with a single "undo" click.

Would appreciate your feedback on this feature!

Please report any issues or suggestions to support, or use GitHub issues.

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