SvgPublish Demo Diagrams

This page contains a list of samples produced with HTML/SVG Export Addin. All samples are exported to GitHub Pages, you can find them in this GitHub repository:

Office Plan

Demonstrates html popups with pictures and hyperlinks. The templates are configured using the "custom template" feature. Shows an office plan and when a cubicle is clicked, shows occupation of that cubicle in a popup window. (577.3 KiB)

Ski Region interactive map

Demonstrates line animations and linking to live data (via API). The data for lifts and slopes can be live (taken online from the official site, or emulated. (1.3 MiB)

Motorcycle wiring schematics

Demonstrates layers functionality. Allows to turn layers (containing wires) on/off to see what is connected to what. You can either manipulate layers on the sidebar, or click shapes to show/hide the connections. (152.9 KiB)

Temperature map in Europe

Demonstrates binding to free weather API service. The map queries the OpenWeatherMap service, and pains the countries on the diagram respective to the current temperature in country's capital. (697.9 KiB)

Org Chart Example

Shows multi-page support. Some shapes are clickable. The shapes highlighted "violet" are navigable (lead to other pages). You can click them to move between different files.
OrgChart.vsdx (327.6 KiB)

Cell Phone Jammer

Sample diagram from visguy forum. Animated with custom javascript. Basically shows how you can use graphics produced in Visio and animate them later with javascript.
cell-phone-jammer-2013.vsdx (71.5 KiB)

Database Diagram

Demonstrates some custom javascript to show linked shapes. Also default panes (shape data, links, etc are hidden).
Click any table to highlight the connected tables. "Incoming" and "outgoing" tables are highlighted with different colors.
AdvWorksOLTPSchemaVisio.vsd (796.0 KiB)

Assets Management Diagram

Sample diagram with between-page links. Click the server to jump to it's rack. Note the hover color.

Map of Russia regions

Non-rectangular hover/selection