Support for desktop browsers and mobile devices

Supported web browsers

The published diagram works on most modern browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and on the IE11+) and modern mobile devices (smart phones/tablets, including iPhone 7+ and Android 4+)


You can try an embedded sample right here, embedded as a frame below (zoom, wheel, touch). Example embedding:

It supports touch interface. You can pan/zoom the published diagrams with your fingers, or mouse wheel. You can change defaults, and configure multi-touch to two fingers (if you want to embed), zoom/wheel to shift/ctrl.

Works offline

The exported drawing can run without web server, and can be even opened from an USB stick, with double-click, keeping interactivity. That means, you could use it in even in a disconnected environment.

One click saving to a SharePoint site (or GitHub pages)

If you have a company SharePoint site, you can host the store the exported files there. Note that if you want interactivity, the user JavaScript should be enabled, or the CDN white-listed. Also not that to export to SharePoint you will need DESIGN (create page) permission. If you have a GitHub account, you can host the diagrams from there, for free, using GitHub pages. The diagrams can be exported to Github in one click as well.