Christmas markets in Vienna 2023

Revised the schematic for Vienna’s Christmas Markets, check it out here:

Enhancements include a switch to a dark theme using updated CSS styles, and significant updates to the Excel file for the 2023 season. New rows have been added to the Excel sheet, providing current year data, along with color-coded markers indicating whether entrance is free or paid, and details about the size of each market.

Also added a simple sidebar with basic market info, that is more mobile-friendly than a tooltip. And a search box. The site is built from a Visio diagram using the SvgPublish add-in.

A dedicated GitHub repository has been set up for this project. Note: Direct publishing to a GitHub repository is possible with SvgPublish. This repository houses the original Visio diagram (VSDX format) and the associated Excel files.

The GitHub repository:
I’ve just registered a CNAME for this a domain (the site is hosted by the github pages). Registering a third-level CNAME is free on most domain domain registrars, btw 🙂

No custom programming was involved in the creation of this diagram; it’s purely a result of CSS styling and markdown templates.

On a lighter note, if you find yourself in Vienna, immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Christmas!

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