Using SvgPublish

SvgPublish and “enable custom scripts” setting

If you are using the SvgPublish add-in to export to SharePoint directly, you may face a message "Access Denied", although you have full (owner) access to the target site. Meaning, after you click "Publish" in the SharePoint export dialog, you get the message:

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Christmas Markets in Vienna

If you plan to go to a Christmas Market this year, you may need to pick one. Here is a aggregated diagram of major christmas markets in Vienna made with SvgPublish add-in (click the diagram to open in a new window):

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Minecraft crafting map with custom content templates

With content templates SvgPublish you can now "fill" Visio shapes with online dynamic content (text, images, etc). For example, if you want your rendered shapes to look differently from what they are in Visio, you can create just a "wireframe" using Visio and then provide content for this wireframe already …

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SvgPublish use case: Principalities in Medieval Russia

This post is a customer use case: using SvgPublish Visio extension to modernize website (Principalities of Medieval Russia). The Runivers team uses the SvgPublish to update the site, and recently shared a nice example. This use can also demonstrates some new features in the SvgPublish added recently, like custom selection …

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Sharing Visio diagrams in social media

When you share any link on LinkedIn, Teams, Facebook, or other social platform, it extracts a "preview" picture, like image, title and description. Any site can provide this information by incorporation "open graph" tags into the HTML head. Many social networks, such as Facebook and twitter, even have a rules …

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Using custom templates in SvgPublish

Custom templates allow you to extend or modify tooltips/popover/sidebar produced by the SvgPublish Visio extension to tailor your needs. This article explains how to create such custom templates.

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Starting PuTTY from an exported HTML diagram

Consider a following scenario: you have a diagram containing network devices (servers) and you want to start PUTTY client when any of those devices is clicked to open SSH session to a corresponding device. And you want that to be on a webpage.
A possible solution to that on windows is to register a custom application protocol and map it to launch an executable. You can see a common example when “callto:” link opens Skype. Here are some explanations. This works for all major browsers, works also in Visio (without any macros).
With Visio (and a tiny SVG Publish script), this approach can be improved. Suppose you have a rack diagram, which already has all server addresses ready. SVG Publish can convert the data into custom links that can be used to launch an executable (PuTTY in this example).

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Pokemon office – more html popovers

New sample with updated javascript code / template created with svg publishing, to show stuff in the office (click the picture open it live) The javascript is very similar to the one described in the Dynamic popups on published diagrams, you can check it in the source diagram. Just the formatting is different, now it …

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