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  • High-DPI support
  • Optional the screen tooltip for current location (container)
  • Search by property
  • Fixed: SharePoint 2F modern-only authentication

Improved: High-DPI support
Finally the buttons should be in place on 4K monitors with 200% scaling set. The icons should look nice(er).

New: Optional the screen tooltip for current location (container)
May be useful if you have a large diagram with swimlanes and zoomed it so that you don’t see the headers anymore. Or if you have a nested container structure and want to know at which "area" you are currently looking at (optional feature, turned off by default, can be turned on with checkbox)

New: Search by property
You can use property value in the search now, the results will include a shape if one of it’s properties contains the search text (optional feature, turned off by default – can be turned on with checkbox)

Fixed: SharePoint 2F modern authentication
If you export to SharePoint, and enabled only "modern" authentication, the connection was failing. Now it should work properly (please select "Web browser" authentication for this case)

Bugfix: hyperlink parameters lost
Fixed bug introduced in the previous release with local links enhancement. The optional parameter of the links (those following the question mark) were lost in some cases. Now they should stay intact.


For the full list please refer to the milestone issue list:

Please note that the code signing certificate has been updated, you may get a warning from windows SmartScreen for this release. The digital signature signatory should be mine, i.e. Nikolay Belykh

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