Jump to Shape

This tiny plugin adds Jump to shape in Drawing Explorer command to Visio, which may become quite handy if you work with some complex drawings. The command is to be found in the context menu of the shape (when Visio runs in developer mode). Remember to turn it on for the command to appear in menu.

When you right-click a shape, the plugin highlights (focuses) the selected shape in the drawing explorer, so you can up/drill down the shape hierarchy. Works with all versions of Visio (2003 – 2013), both x86 and x64 versions are available:

The source code for the project is available on github

Version History

VisioJumpToShapeAddin_2013_04_x64.msi Visio "Jump To Shape in Drawing Explorer" Addin (x64)508.0 KiB27.04.2013
VisioJumpToShapeAddin_2013_04_x86.msi Visio "Jump To Shape in Drawing Explorer" Addin (x86)464.0 KiB27.04.2013
VisioJumpToShapeAddin_2018_10_x64.msi Improve performance for large diagrams596.0 KiB04.10.2018
VisioJumpToShapeAddin_2018_10_x86.msi Improve performance for large diagrams532.0 KiB04.10.2018


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