Diagram Frame SharePoint Web Part 1.2: New Navigation and German Localization Features

I am excited to announce some new improvements to the Diagram Frame SharePoint web part. In this post, I’ll discuss the new features, including navigation, crumb trail, and German localization, and guest user support (CDN hosting) The Microsoft Store download link: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/wa200002491

Installing the Diagram Frame web part to SharePoint Online (2022 version)

This article explains how to install the Diagram Frame web part in modern SharePoint online. The installation experience has evolved a bit over time, so this refers to the current date, August 2022, and SharePoint online. Now it is hopefully much more straightforward than before. The "diagram frame web part" …

Diagram Frame SharePoint webpart support

If you have encountered an issue with Diagram Frame web part, please consider the following: This website: Check out the latest version of the documentation: https://unmanagedvisio.com/products/diagram-frame-sharepoint-visio-web-part GitHub Issues Check out or create a new issue on GitHub: https://github.com/nbelyh/VisioOnlineSpfxWebPart/issues E-Mail Send us a request support using the following form: