Visio project templates updated (Visio 2016, VS 2015 support)

Visio project templates updated to version 1.0.7:

- added support for Visual Studio 2015
- added support for Visio 2016
- Simplified source code (removed extra files, so that project structure is more like vanilla VS).
- Unified project wizard. Now there is one wizard to rule it all. It allows you to add (bside the add-in itself) other Visio files/templates in the wizard itself, add name/description, etc. Addin type selection, Visio files selection, setup - from one wizard.
- License support in installer.
- Support for the built-in VS ribbon designer (optional)
- Support for both x86 and x64 in one installer in one MSI (one DLL compiled to "AnyCPU")
- Support per user/per machine install in one MSI
- Support for project auto-harvesting. Means, DLL version is auto-harvested, COM registration auto-harvested (for COM addin type).

- Support for old Visio versions (without ribbon) is still there.
- Improved messaging and comments.
- Possibility to compile everything even witout Visio installed (COM addin only)
- Support for installer UI type selection (basic cases)
- Support for installer language
- No more GUIDs in the installer. All is auto-generated on build.
- Addin project is referenced from installer project using "project reference", so that msbuild variables can be used to refer to paths.
- Fixed issues with VSTO 2013 update 1

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