Making the Visio ribbon tab document-dependent

This post explains how to make a ribbon tab in Visio 2010 ribbon document-specific. Means, activate a custom ribbon tab only for a specific document.

This article discusses the implementation of a document-specific tab in a COM add-in; also, it focuses on details you might be interested in if you e.g. program unmanaged C++. Note that you could create a custom document-specific ribbon by other means, e.g. by embedding your custom interface in a document template using new Visio 2010 property Document.CustomUI

Nevertheless, one of the ways to it is

  1. Create a Visio add-in that supports ribbon (as described in previous post)
  2. Add onLoad event to the ribbon XML. This will allow you to obtain the ribbon manager.
    <customUI onLoad="OnLoad" ... >
  3. In the event handler for the onLoad event, save passed-in ribbon manager. This is needed to force update of the ribbon.
    // this function provides us with IRibbonUI object, called when XML is loaded
    public void OnLoad(object obj)
        vsoRibbonUI = (Office.IRibbonUI) obj;
  4. For the custom tab, add visibility callback function. This callback is called when Visio
  5. decides if the tab shall be shown or not. In the XML this looks like:
    <tab id="Tab1" label="MyAddin" getVisible="IsMyTabVisible" >
  6. Create a callback handler that returns if the tab shall be shown or not. In my case (for simplicity), I just check if the active document has a user-defined cell “User.IsMyDoc”
    // callback for the tab visibility, return if our tab shall be visible
    public bool IsMyTabVisible(object control)
       Visio.Document activeDoc = vsoApplication.ActiveDocument;
       bool show =
           activeDoc != null 
           && activeDoc.DocumentSheet.get_CellExists("User.IsMyDoc", 0) != 0;
       return show;
  7. Add handlers to all events that might cause tab to show/hide. For a our document-dependent tab, these are “DocumentAdded”, “DocumentOpened”, “DocumentClosed”, and “Window activated” (in case you want to show/hide your tab when user switches to another window). From each of these handlers, just trigger the refresh for the ribbon:
    void vsoApplication_DocumentCreated(Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.Document doc)

That’s basically it; now, when a document that contains a cell named “User.IsMyDoc” is activated the tab is shown; otherwise this tab is hidden. (19.9 KiB) (17.9 KiB)


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