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Many drawing products feature so-called "base point" operations. In particular, AutoCad has "Copy with base point", "Move with base point". This operation may be quite useful for precise positioning of the content being copied/moved. To achieve this, at the first step a "base point" is selected, and on the second step a new position for this "base point" is selected. Check out this video to see how it works:

This extension provides this functionality for Visio:

26-05-2013The workflow is shown in the Video. Step by step:

  1. Select shapes to copy/move.
  2. Press the button "Copy" ("Move") on the extension pane.
  3. Specify the "base point" (click CTRL, and holding it, set a point on the drawing). The fact that "base point" was selected will be indicated by changing the button icon (first point turns red)
  4. Select new position for the base point. Holding CTRL, set a second point. The selected shapes will be copied (moved) to the new position in such a way that the base point will move to the this new position you specified.

Download (supported: Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013, both x86/x64, English/German/Russian).

TwoPoints_2013_05_x64.msi Visio BasePointAddin (x64)2.4 MiB26.05.2013
TwoPoints_2013_05_x86.msi Visio BasePointAddin (x86)1.9 MiB26.05.2013

The idea of the extension appeared as a result of this discussion. The source code is available on github.

Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!

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