Web-Version of PdfTip Visio Add-In

Web-version of the Visio PdfTip Add-In is a free, user-friendly web tool designed to enhance your experience with PDFs exported from Visio. By seamlessly adding tooltips to your PDF files, Visio PdfTip provides a richer, more informative reading experience.

To use Visio PdfTip, you simply upload your PDF and the original Visio file to the website. The tool extracts the ‘Comments’ from your Visio shapes and adds them into your PDF as tooltips. This enables readers to see additional information about shapes within the PDF by hovering over them, making your documents more interactive and informative.

We understand the importance of data security and privacy. For users who prefer not to upload files online, Visio PdfTip offers an alternative: a Visio Add-In, available for purchase on the website. This additional feature allows you to use the tooltip addition capability directly on your computer, ensuring that your files never have to leave your local system.

To try it out, you can drop a sample files instead of uploading your own.

The source code for the web version of the add-in is available on GitHub. Any issues or questions are appreciated: