Sharing Visio diagrams in social media

When you share any link on LinkedIn, Teams, Facebook, or other social platform, it extracts a "preview" picture, like image, title and description. Any site can provide this information by incorporation "open graph" tags into the HTML head. Many social networks, such as Facebook and twitter, even have a rules …

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SvgPublish 1.3 released

SvgPublish Extension 1.3 released The extension’s page Download the latest version: Improvements in this release New template editor with live preview Support both global and per-shape templates Cards (OG) support metadata for social sharing GitHub authentication fixed upload changed to put all files in single commit Follow cursor …

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Editing SVG code online

When you build a site or a web application, periodically there can be a need to slightly modify a code of an SVG fragment used in that site, like add an arrow to a button or something. Not visually, but directly in the SVG code. For visual editing, there are …

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Using custom templates in SvgPublish

Custom templates allow you to extend or modify tooltips/popover/sidebar produced by the SvgPublish Visio extension to tailor your needs. This article explains how to create such custom templates.

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Azure DevOps to build office (Visio) VSTO Add-ins

These notes basically summarize setting up automated build for Office extensions (such as VSTO) in the cloud (i.e. Azure DevOps). Note that Azure DevOps supports private repositories for free. For open source repositories, it does not even impose any limitations (for private repositories, max build time per month is limited, …

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SvgPublish updated 1.2.12

The extension The extension’s page Download the latest version: Improvements High-DPI support Optional the screen tooltip for current location (container) Search by property Fixed: SharePoint 2F modern-only authentication

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Exporting VIsio diagram to PDF with tooltips

If you use "Save As…" in Visio to export a PDF file, then the result does not include hover tooltips. Presenting a new Visio extension that can add the functionality. If you export to PDF using new button, then the "comments" you added using the "Insert ScreenTip" should be also …

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Localizing a .NET office extension (desktop)

This article summarizes my experience on translating office add-in to multiple language. It is not an official guide, but just how you could do it. It assumes you have an office extension (VSTO, desktop) in a single language, and want to provide it in some other languages for users in …

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SvgPublish updated 1.2.11

The SvgPublish extension has been updated to version 1.2.11 Visit the extension’s page: Download the latest version: Summary New: Translations for German and Russian languages. Now all options and exported elements can be displayed in these languages. Japanese translation is ongoing. Fixed relative links behavior. Please see the …

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