Diagram Frame SharePoint Web Part 1.2: New Navigation and German Localization Features

I am excited to announce some new improvements to the Diagram Frame SharePoint web part. In this post, I’ll discuss the new features, including navigation, crumb trail, and German localization, and guest user support (CDN hosting) The Microsoft Store download link:

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Presenting Diagram Frame on Microsoft Community Call

Will be showing my SPFx Visio Diagram Frame web part on Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework community call this Thursday 26.01.2023 16:00 CET, ten minutes. Hope to be too boring. The community calls are open for anyone, join using the link below. Meeting link for the SPFx community call: …

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SvgPublish and “enable custom scripts” setting

If you are using the SvgPublish add-in to export to SharePoint directly, you may face a message "Access Denied", although you have full (owner) access to the target site. Meaning, after you click "Publish" in the SharePoint export dialog, you get the message:

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Telegram channel

With Telegram platform becoming increasingly popular, a new telegram channel is now available for this site. I like the telegram format and will post the updates there there more often than the website (expect a post per week or something like this). The channel has also chat for comments/discussions/questions (direct …

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Christmas Markets in Vienna

If you plan to go to a Christmas Market this year, you may need to pick one. Here is a aggregated diagram of major christmas markets in Vienna made with SvgPublish add-in (click the diagram to open in a new window):

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Diagram Frame 1.1

The Diagram Frame web part for embedding diagrams in SharePoint using Visio Online has been updated to version 1.1 The Diagram Frame is a specialized web part to display Visio diagrams in SharePoint, that provides some extras in comparison with the stock File Viewer, such as default zoom, UI settings, …

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Minecraft crafting map with custom content templates

With content templates SvgPublish you can now "fill" Visio shapes with online dynamic content (text, images, etc). For example, if you want your rendered shapes to look differently from what they are in Visio, you can create just a "wireframe" using Visio and then provide content for this wireframe already …

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SvgPublish 1.4.0 released – content templates

SvgPublish Visio add-In 1.4.0 release provides shape content templates, human-readable names for pages. The template editor includes Edge WebView2 support. Download The latest version: The extension’s page What is new in this release [feature] Allow human-readable name for pages (or indexes) #65 [feature] provide item templates #57 [bug][customer] …

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Testing the Diagram Frame on a new trial Office 365 tenant

The article discusses how to sign up for a free new SharePoint tenant and configure it to test the Diagram Frame web part. No prerequesites required, just the browser basically. This can be useful in case you don’t have admin permissions in your organization but want to try the web …

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