Book: Mastering Data Visualization With Microsoft Visio Professional 2016

Recently finished reading the David Parker’s “Mastering Data Visualization With Microsoft Visio Professional 2016” book. Highly recommended if you already have some experience with Visio and want to know more about its data visualization capabilities, and how these can be used in your infrastructure. Some unique topics covered – creating custom data graphics and Pivot Diagram Add-on.

Rubberduck – refactoring in VBA

Hi all, recently came across an interesting Rubberduck project. Did you think that VBA is dead and buried? It looks like it’s not going down that easily! Rubberduck is a COM Add-In for the VBA IDE that makes VBA development even more enjoyable, by extending the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) with menus, toolbars and toolwindows that enable things we didn’t even think were possible when we first started this project. If you’re learning VBA, Rubberduck can help you avoid a few common beginner mistakes, and can probably show you a trick or two – even if you’re only ever writing macros. If you’re a more …

New Visio book by David J Parker

Davd J. Parker’s new Visio 2013 book was recently released by PACKT Publishing: Microsoft Visio 2013  Business Process Diagramming and Validation I personally participated in the review process of this book (as a technical reviewer), and I would like to recommend the book for all Visio users and developers, who model processes with Visio, or develop their own solutions using Microsoft Visio. The book includes a lot of useful information on Visio diagram validation (check out the Rules Tool), Visio solution publishing (in particular, e.g. SharePoint 365 integration), Visio add-in development using .NET and WPF technologies, and many other interesting topics! If …

Hans Rosling and data visualisation

Just a wonderful example of data visualization, and what can be done with diagramming. I first encountered Professor Hans Rosling talks on TED – really exciting. For example, see the recent talk about Religions and Babies where he shows what the world population will be, or the talk “washing machines” (“Even the Hard Core of the Green Movement Use Washing Machine”). I wish I had him as a professor when I studied in Uni =) PS. Now the technology was acquired by Google, and is is available as part of the the project Google Public Data.


Welcome on the Unmanaged Visio web site! The site was started by me, Nikolay Belykh, the owner. I am building Visio solution for more than 10 years now. Now it is a tiny company located in Vienna, Austria. This site shares some Visio-related tools, add-ins, custom shapes, and technical blog articles with source code, that might be useful for those who visualize information and develop solutions with Microsoft Visio. Also, I am a former Microsoft Visio MVP now and a tiny Austrian company 🙂 If you are interested in Visio (and even if not), don’t hesitate to contact!