MSAGL on GitHub

Hi guys, MSAGL is now open-source, and available on GitHub! MSAGL (Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout) is a graph layout library, used for example as base to build diagrams in Visual Studio (as far as I know of course). Thanks to Saveen Reddy for sharing this information!

Rubberduck – refactoring in VBA

Hi all, recently came across an interesting Rubberduck project. Did you think that VBA is dead and buried? It looks like it’s not going down that easily! Rubberduck is a COM Add-In for the VBA IDE that makes VBA development even more enjoyable, by extending the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) with menus, toolbars and toolwindows that enable things we didn’t even think were possible when we first started this project. If you’re learning VBA, Rubberduck can help you avoid a few common beginner mistakes, and can probably show you a trick or two – even if you’re only ever writing macros. If you’re a more …