Creating an installer for Visio with WiX

If you develop addins / templates / stencils for Visio, sooner or later you come to a question, how do you deploy them. Visio allows you to deploy your solution / template in such a way that template / stencil can be embed nicely in Visio user interface, thus showing up just like all other Visio built-in templates. For Visio developers, Visio SDK provides the Solution Publishing Tool, which is an official way to publish Visio-related components. However this nice tools has a number of limitations, in particular: – It does not integrate well into automated build process, when you e.g. …

Map of Russia in Visio – version 1.0.1

Updated the recently published map: – Added related page to the with some pictures and video =) – Now all regions are stored alphabetically (yep, they were not) – Now you can install this template using installer (and it will show up in Visio templates – in category “Maps and Floor Plans”. – Preview picture for the template enhanced using technique described here.