Moving control point along path in Visio

Hello all, Here is a technique you can use to make control point “stick” to a connector path. I’ve learned it recently from these two topics (one, two). I found it interesting: To achieve this sort behavior (although not necessarily with hearts, but just plain text) you can use some Visio ShapeSheet functions, which might be not of everyday use:

Map of Russia in Visio – version 1.0.1

Updated the recently published map: – Added related page to the with some pictures and video =) – Now all regions are stored alphabetically (yep, they were not) – Now you can install this template using installer (and it will show up in Visio templates – in category “Maps and Floor Plans”. – Preview picture for the template enhanced using technique described here.

Map of Russia in Visio

This is Visio map of Russia (year 2012). The map is in Visio VSD format. Includes a stencil with all regions as separate shapes and “assemled” sample drawing. The map was built to work nicely with the standard Visio “maps” functionality (like World Map), and additionally includes items which are specific to regions in Russia (region ISO code, capital, etc) as shape data. Download and details follow.