ShapeSheet Watch

ShapeSheet Watch - a window (addin) which facilitates editing Visio ShapeSheet cells.
Works more or less similar to a Watch in IDE.

This is the first (beta) version (1.0.5)
The installer should work with Visio 2003 - 2013

ShapeSheetWatch_2013_11_x64.msi ShapeSheetWatch (x64)3.0 MiB01.12.2013
ShapeSheetWatch_2013_11_x86.msi ShapeSheetWatch X862.1 MiB01.12.2013

The ShapeSheet Watch window shows (selected) ShapeSheet cells for the selected shape. If you select a different shape, then it's cells will be shown (this is a docking window, works like a "panel"). This means that it is possible to click shapes one-by-one, and the window will show the cells of the currently selected shape, and there is no need to open-close window like the built-in ShapeSheet window in Visio.

11-26-2013 8-50-33 PM

Features implemented:

View and edit selected ShapeSheet cells.

The ShapeSheet watch window allows you to see only the cells you care about (work with)

Select cells by mask

You can use symbols *" and "?" for names of cells (like file masks) to filter cells.
This allows you to e.g. choose all cells from a selected section, when you need it  (for example, if you don't know exactly which cells are in the section. This may be the case for "geometry" section of "custom proeprties" section)

11-26-2013 8-57-39 PM

Automatic update of values when shape is changed

The cell values are update automatically if they are changed in shape. All shape cells of the selected shape are monitored, and changes are reflected in the window immediately.

You see Formula and Result at the same time.

This allows you to see immediately the result of changing formula, may be convenient when developing a shape.

11-26-2013 9-03-00 PM

You can see <local> and <universal> values at the same time.

Name/NameU, Formula/FormulaU. Allows you to see/edit localized and universal names, which may be handy e.g. if you translate stuff.

Auto-completion for cell names.

Simplifies selection of cells,you can just select the cells to watch from the list of cells which exist in the current shape.

11-26-2013 9-06-30 PM

Basic value auto-completion

Implemented basic cell value auto-completion (like Visio 2007), i.e formula auto-completion is not (yet) supported. Allows you to use named values instead of plain numbers to fill in the formulas in the sheet.

11-26-2013 9-08-44 PM

"Add to watch" from the "built-in" shape sheet.

Works starting with Visio 2010 (ribbon), if anybody could advice how this can be done for Visio less than 2010, I would really appreciate it!

11-26-2013 9-41-22 PM

The window saves it's size, position, and selected cells. This allows you to configure it one time and the then forget about it =)

Turning it on

In Visio 2003/2007 you can turn it on using a toolbar button:

11-26-2013 9-32-19 PM

In Visio 2010/2013:

11-26-2013 9-38-30 PM

What is planned:

- Adding/deleting rows and sections (Add Row / Add Section / Delete row / Delete section).
- Multiselect, so that you can change one cell for all selected shapes.
- Copy/Paste cell range from one shape to another (like copying of custom or user properties or geometry sections)
- Copy/Paste to Excel.
- Full text search & filter, so that you can see only cells which contain specific text.
- Highlight of changed values (when you e.g. change selection, updated values are highlighted).
- Support of child-parent "pseudo-selector" to simply work with grouped shapes.
- Full autocomplte.
- Translations

I've created a project tracker, where you can post ideas and bugs:

The project source code on github:

Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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